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About Glocient Hospitality

Glocient Hospitality Limited, a subsidiary of The Cavista Holdings Group, is devoted to elevating hospitality standards to align with global best practices with a solid focus on Nigeria and Africa. Our commitment lies in offering world-class accommodations, top-notch facilities, and unforgettable experiences at every hotel and resort under our care.

Founded in 2022 by visionary entrepreneur Niyi John Olajide, our journey is fueled by a passion for excellence and a mission to empower people through job creation and wealth opportunities.

A shining example of our commitment is the transformative journey of Ikogosi Warm Springs and Resorts in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Acquired on a 15-year lease from the state government, this haven has, in less than a year, earned the title of Nigeria’s Best Holiday Resort for 2023.

With strategic acquisitions planned for Nigeria, Botswana and other African countries, we’re excited to weave the tapestry of African hospitality even further, delivering exceptional experiences for both business and leisure guests, providing world-class customer service, and actively contributing to the betterment of communities in which we operate.

At the forefront

Our inspiring leaders blend innovation and passion to craft unforgettable experiences. With their expertise, we're redefining hospitality, creating greatness at every step.